Sports Medicine

Injuring yourself while playing your favorite sport isn’t much fun. It can be debilitating in your daily life and also take you out of the game you love at the worst possible time. Luckily, sports medicine has never been so sophisticated. Our trained sports medicine physicians can help get you back on your feet and ready to play as quickly and safely as possible.

Our team of sports medicine physicians at GPOA in Pittsburgh, PA can also advise on how to stay healthy and help prevent injuries in the future. So if you’re struggling with an injury or looking for some professional support, contact us today and schedule a consultation!

What Is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is an area of medical treatment that focuses on physical injuries or disorders associated with athletic activity. Our sports medicine physicians have specialist training and expertise in treating bone, joint, ligament, and tendon disorders that may come as a result of participating in sports, or from strenuous physical activities.

Professional athletes will often have support from a sports medicine physician. But these specially trained physicians are also available to treat amateur athletes, as well as children and teenagers who participate in school sports teams.

They can also help with a range of everyday physical injuries that might bother you at home or at work. So whatever the physical injury, our skilled sports medicine physician may be able to assist.

How Can It Help?

If you play any kind of regular sport or take part in physical activities, sports medicine is the best way to help prevent and treat potential injuries, keeping you fit, healthy, and safe while participating. Athletic injuries and conditions can be especially upsetting when they get in the way of scholastic, recreational, or professional athletics. What’s more, any time lost from training as a result of the injury could negatively affect the athlete’s conditioning, so accelerated rehabilitation is crucial to get you back to the sport you love without too much downtime for recovery.

Regular Physical Injuries

Many of the disorders that affect athletes can also affect non-athletes; torn cartilage in the knee, tendinitis, and sprains and strains can happen anywhere. The treatments developed to treat these injuries and conditions in athletes can be applied to non-athletes as well.

The Services We Provide

Our physicians provide sports medicine services to local high school, club sports teams, and have even helped professional sports teams. We pride ourselves in delivering the most reliable, dedicated services to help athletes and everyday individuals stay at the top of their game. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more!

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