Hip and Knee Replacement

Hip and Knee Surgeons treat arthritic disorders of the hip and knee. The most common type of arthritis affecting the hip and knee is “degenerative” arthritis that is due to wear and tear. Other causes include post-traumatic arthritis, which develops after injury to the hip or knee, and rheumatoid arthritis, which is a complex immune system disorder that leads to the erosion of one or more joints of the body. In the past, childhood hip disease such as developmental dislocation or dysplasia of the hip, Perthes disease of the hip, and slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) were common causes of hip arthritis during adulthood. The improved recognition and treatment of these childhood disorders has made arthritis a rare consequence of childhood hip disorders.

The treatment of hip and knee arthritis ranges from activity modification to joint replacement. Other options include medication, “cortisone” injections, “lubrication” injections, and surgery to realign the hip or knee. The treatment depends on how bad the arthritis is, the patient’s overall health and weight, and the patient’s goals. The Hip and Knee Surgeons at Greater Pittsburgh Orthopaedic Associates are committed to working with patients with hip and knee arthritis to develop a reasonable treatment plan for their arthritis.

Mini-Incision Joint Replacement

– By Michael Miller, MD

What You Need to Know

A smaller incision for total knee replacements is now the latest improvement in my surgical technique. I am striving to do the least soft tissue disruption, the least skin and muscle cuts and still implant the total knee accurately.

Mini-incision surgery is my preference for knee surgery as well as hip surgery. Patients are able to bend sooner, and most are able to walk without a cane by four weeks. The smaller scar is physically pleasing but only a by-product of this recent improvement.

The real benefit of less invasive surgery is the remarkably faster recovery that I have seen occur with my patients. Computer assisted implantation is the next step for accuracy through a smaller incision.

I pride myself in striving to use the latest techniques and to develop new techniques for total knee and partial knee replacement surgery. My goal is the highest patient satisfaction I can achieve…the best knee replacement I can do for my patient.

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