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Mini-Incision Joint Replacement – What You Need to Know

By Michael Miller, MD

A smaller incision for total knee replacements is now the latest improvement in my surgical technique. I am striving to do the least soft tissue disruption, the least skin and muscle cuts and still implant the total knee accurately.

Mini-incision surgery is my preference for knee surgery as well as hip surgery. Patients are able to bend sooner, and most are able to walk without a cane by four weeks. The smaller scar is physically pleasing but only a by-product of this recent improvement.

The real benefit of less invasive surgery is the remarkably faster recovery that I have seen occur with my patients. Computer assisted implantation is the next step for accuracy through a smaller incision.

I pride myself in striving to use the latest techniques and to develop new techniques for total knee and partial knee replacement surgery. My goal is the highest patient satisfaction I can achieve…the best knee replacement I can do for my patient.